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Scam/Identity Theft Victims

Tips for Victims of Fraud, Scams, and Identity Theft

Concerned your account has been compromised or your identity has been stolen? We suggest the following actions:

Open a New Account

  • Open a new account with a different account number and close the account you believe someone may have information about (CLB&T requires this action if you have given your account number to someone you now suspect may use it for unlawful or unauthorized purposes.) Our personal bankers will be happy to help change recurring electronic transactions for items such as direct deposit payroll, utility bill payments, etc. Contact a personal banker for assistance. 

2. Obtain a New Debit Card

  • If your debit card has been used for unauthorized transactions, we'll order a new card to protect your account. If your checking account number has been potentially stolen but there is no indication that your debit card information has been compromised, a new debit card is not automatically ordered. 

3. Enroll in Online Banking and Use Regularly

  • Make sure you have access to your accounts online and review them regularly.

  • Sign up for Daily Balance Alerts for the account in question:


    • Set up an alert to notify you when your balance falls below a certain amount.

    • Enter all 9s to receive a daily alert of your current balance.

  • Sign up for Transaction Alerts for the account in question:


    • Set up an alert to notify you when any transaction over a certain amount posts to your account.

    • Enter $1 to be notified for nearly all transactions posting to your account.

4. Consider Placing a Credit Freeze With All 3 Credit Bureaus

  • ONLINE: Though time consuming, this can be accomplished online. Each service will require the registration of a user name and password for each credit bureau agency as well as a valid email address.

  • BY PHONE: The fastest way to place a freeze is to call each credit bureau agency.  Some credit bureau agencies may require the assignment of a 6-digit PIN, others will assign one to you.  All three credit bureau agencies will mail a packet of information to you with instructions for unfreezing your credit when necessary.  The following information will be required:

    • Full Social Security Number

    • 8-Digit DOB (i.e. 11/05/1984)

    • House Number (i.e. 123 Hallway Ave, just 123)

    • Zip Code 

5. Review your Credit Report Annually